Singing at St. Christopher’s this week

September 25, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Aha! You see, I thought if I put it in the Subject line then there’s a chance that you won’t go to Arbrook Lane or to In Between Streets but head the car in the direction of .... downtown Hinchley Wood!

Because Sacred Heart couldn’t accommodate us this week, we are at St. Christopher’s where echoes of our Jeremy’s vocal triumphs as a school boy apparently still resonate amongst the rafters.. St. Christopher’s Church,  Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood, KT10 0AQ  – usual time 20.00

Equally important is the fact that the kitchen is not available to us-  just a tiny weenie sink area. Biscuits will be supplied but no drinks so please bring along whatever you’d like to consume during the break.. water, water already turned into wine,  tea and/or coffee in your favourite thermos... (picnic chairs, knotted handkerchiefs and blankets are optional.)

Jackie tells me there are a few disposable cups around from the last concert.

And apart from the bonhomie there is the little matter of a rehearsal..

Jeremy has indicated that we shall be singing

I say a little prayer
Locus iste
May the road rise to meet you..

May it indeed! Be amazed to know that all parts on Dropbox AND on the website. May the Road is really rather lovely..

Best wishes to you all – looking forward to a good lung and larynx workout on Thursday evening.