Our new Leader!

May 8, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Dear Choir


Matters have moved somewhat speedily since my last e-mail.


At the Committee meeting last week Committee members considered a detailed list of requirements and options for the post of Musical Director (MD) (Job description (JD) attached). After a great deal of consideration and debate we were unanimous in proposing and formally voting that Emily Leather be offered the position of MD. This proposal also had the support of our non-Committee Trustee. Discussions have subsequently taken place with Emily regarding terms and conditions of the post and we are pleased to announce that she is 'delighted' to accept the position.


We appreciate that this is a new situation for the choir and there may be requirements that you would want us to emphasise as we go forward with Emily.  We are therefore going to end our rehearsal session on Thursday10th May at 9.45pm to allow time to discuss this. 


A great deal of care has been taken in making this decision. Emily not only met the person specification/JD she had clearly demonstrated her leadership abilities at key times in the past e.g. at major events such as the Menuhin Hall and the Royal Festival Hall, and during the time Jeremy was away at the Globe. 


We did consider whether or not we should go 'to the market' to ensure competition, but decided that, while there may be a candidate out there somewhere, we were unlikely to find one better than Emily.  We also recognised the risk of appointing someone untried, as even if they performed well at interview etc, it would still be hard to judge the reality of their, skills, attitude and relationship with us from just the interview process.  It also has to be remembered that we were in a different situation to the one we had been in when the position was previously vacant, as this time we had a deputy MD to consider.


I know changes like these can be unsettling, but I hope this note has assured you that the Committee has given the matter a great deal of thought and an appropriate process has been followed.  I also very much hope we can rely on your support in implementing the changes and ensuring a seamless transition.


Best wishes to you all


Liz Bean