Jeremy’s Resignation

April 24, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Dear Choir,

It’s with sadness that I have to announce the resignation of our beloved leader Jeremy due to his travel difficulties he has experienced after two terms commuting from Bristol . He has decided the distance has now beaten him into submission!

I have included excerpts from his email to me below ,leaving out  some paragraphs as they were private to me and are irrelevant to the overall message ....he is leaving.

So this  means the committee will now need to appoint a new leader the committee will ensure that you will also have some engagement  in the recruitment process, but the decision has to come from the committee.

 So my first step is..

To inform you that the committee are holding a meeting on Weds to discuss the management of  the recruiting process , as part of us being open and honest with you the choir .  I will then feed back  any outcomes from the meeting.

If you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or phone me on 07780456397.



This is excerpts from Jeremy’s email to me...

I am writing here to let you know that after completing two terms of commuting to Esher and back since my move (and with the best support in the world from you and the committee during the transition) I realise that I have to admit that  it is time for me to move on from the Musical Director's job at Earthly Voices.........I truly and deeply love the job at EV and it is a very difficult decision to leave.......I know that within my initial letter of agreement to work at EV I was asked to give two terms clear notice to give you time to find a new director..... this therefore I am doing in this letter, imagining then that I would finish my tenure at our Christmas Concert event in December...I am so grateful to the wonderful support and help you have personally given me over the years, truly I could not have done such a job without your amazing, focused support, kindness and friendship.  Also i celebrate the generosity of the committee and the way it has engaged with me :  indeed i can say the same of the whole the whole wonderful gang at EV....I will deeply miss you all but know that it is better for me to be preparing my departure at this point............

all the very best wishes,

Jeremy x